Jessica Ennis-Hill by Osha

We’ve all heard of Jessica Ennis-Hill, England’s golden girl, the gold medal winner of the heptathlon at London 2012. Who really is she though?

Jessica Ennis-Hijessica ennisll was born on 28th January 1986. Her parents are called Vinnie Ennis and Alison Powell and she has a younger sister called Carmel. Her parents introduced her to athletics by taking her to a Star Track event (hosted by British Athletics) at the age of 10. She won a pair of trainers. Something even more significant happened. Jessica Ennis met her future coach, Toni Minichiello.

The following year she joined the City of Sheffield Athletic Club. It all took off from there. She has advanced from winning a bronze medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games to winning an Olympic gold medal.

Recently, Jess has qualified for Rio 2016. She came 4th in the Hypo-Meeting Gotzis scoring 6520 points overall.

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  1. Mr SuttonJune 4, 2015 at 11:51 pm #

    I learned a lot by reading your profile of Jessica Ennis-Hill. You’ve done your research and packed in a lot of information. It’s very well written. What I think is missing though is some of your own opinions. Why did you choose to write about her? What is it about Jessica that is so inspirational? Do you do athletics yourself?

    Great blog post! I hope you write more.

  2. Osha PatelJuly 22, 2015 at 12:30 pm #

    She is very determined and doesn’t give up. She seemed very interesting, more than other people who do athletics.
    Yes, I do athletics.

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