Factory Farming continued by Ella

rosie the chickenThe Secrets of Free Range Farms

Free range farms. Innocent organisations with high chicken welfare standards. Wait, what?

Unfortunately this is not always the case. Take the American free range chicken company ‘Rosie’. Their packaging looks very innocent:

But there is a dark and shocking truth. You see, the rosie chicken farm is allowed to keep a free rage rating because they have an outdoor pen for the chickens. Problem is, they raise the chickens inside for the first 5 weeks of their lives, and because of this, when they are given the opportunity to go outside, they do not because it is unknown and, in their opinion, possibly dangerous to them. I know from personal experience, as on the first day that I got my pet chickens, they went inside the coop at night but in the morning they didn’t go out again. When I got back after school, they were still inside, and I had to tempt them outside with treats. Now they go straight out in the morning and in at night every day because they are used to it. But these hens are never tempted outside and so stay inside their entire lives, making them really no different to factory farmed broiler chickens.

So please, please only buy certified organic chicken. Although, the Rosie chicken packaging does say certified organic on it, that is a complete and total lie. Which brings me onto my next topic, honest labelling of foods which I will post soon.

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