Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters: The Book vs The Film by Anna

movieposterMany of you may have seen the film and not the book or read the book and not watched the film. Either way, it’s worth experiencing them both. You have to read the book because it is just simply amazing, and you have to watch the film, because it’s so incredibly mind-boggling that they were actually allowed to release it.

There has been a lot of bad press surrounding the film and I don’t think that it is without reason, but we must give the directors, producers etc. some credit for making it work. In all, there are 40 differences between the book and the film. These include:

In the book, Tyson and Percy are friends at Meriwether College Prep. In the film, Tyson and Percy meet for the first time at camp.

In the book, Mr. D drinks Diet Coke. In the film, whenever Mr. D pours wine into a glass it turns into water.

In the book, Annabeth is blonde. In the film, she is a brunette.

Say what??? For those PJ book fans out there, I am despairing with you. How could they possibly do this to such a poor, innocent, good book?

If you haven’t tried either the book or the film, and are looking for something to do, I would recommend them highly.

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