Being worried- And how not to be worried by Lauren

All of you will have had a time in your life in which you were worried about something or another. I bet you`ve all had that sinking feeling in your stomach, lying awake at night, not able to do anything but worry, made excuses to avoid something you’re scared of. But really, what is the point of worrying? Does it help, does is do anything?

Definition of worrying in English:


Causing anxiety about actual orworry1 potential problems; alarming: a worrying health risk

Worrying is: thinking + fear + problem. So basically worrying is thinking about, pondering over a problem or potential problem. You will probably worry about a problem that is in the future whilst you are somewhere safe, hiding from your problem.

You get more scared about something if you worry and spend loads of time over your problem. You will feel uneasy and won’t want to face your problem.

This won’t help. Simple as. The best way to face something you are worried about is:

-Be ready to face your problem, face it straight away, don’t hide from it

-Be confident

-Confide in someone; ask for advice from a trusted individual

-Make a list of options for your problems, be positive

-Pros and Cons of your problem, yes they are negative points, but, come on, not everything can be bad!

So don`t worry, face you problem with a smile and be logical about it!!

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