Honest Labelling of Farmed Meat by Ella

As I mentioned in my last post about the Rosie chicken farm, many factory farmed foods are not honestly labelled. And if they are, they often disguise this with clever language.

I’m pretty sure that everybody reading this will remember the horsemeat/beef scandal that happened a few years ago, and if you didn’t then you were probably asleep in a glass coffin waiting for a prince to come and save you whilst being completely oblivious to everything going on around you in the world. Anyway, that was regarded as accidental when horsemeat came back out of a factory labelled as beef, but what I am going to talk about now is plain trickery.

Food marketing managers will often try to disguise the fact that their food isn’t organic or free range by using phrases like ‘farm fresh’ or ‘butcher’s choice’. This way they are not actually lying by saying that their food is organic when it isn’t, but they are trying to make you think that it is still very good/good quality. Let’s put this into perspective.

My pet chicken cost £17.50 alone, non-inclusive of feed, and an organic chicken from my local butcher costs  £18. Now think: a whole frozen chicken from heron foods costs £2. TWO POUNDS. And to hide the fact that their prices are so low, they try to make you think that that’s a good thing by putting lies on their labels.

So, please choose the right food!

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  1. Mr SuttonJune 21, 2015 at 8:54 pm #

    This is a great blogpost and I really enjoyed reading it. I always by meat from my local butcher because he knows every farm that his meat comes from. For children living in cities it’s pretty hard to connect their chicken nugget with an actual chicken running around a farmyard. I’m really pleased to find out that there are children who care where their food comes from. Keep spreading the message!

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