Living on Mars? By Carola


It has been said that for twhy-is-living-on-mars-a-terrible-idea-1017988657-may-10-2013-1-600x450he first people there, living on Mars will be “like camping in the fuselage of an airplane”. There are plenty of ways Mars wants to kill you. It has very little atmosphere, it’s cold, there are thick dust storms and the planet doesn’t protect the surface from deadly space radiation the way that Earth does. But the biggest challenge for humans who want to go there might be the most basic one: You have to eat!

Theoretically you could survive on Mars but you would never go outside so you would have near to no access to fresh foods. You would have to eat things like crickets, algea and fungi which need little water to grow, as well as things that you can store easily, like raisins or polenta. Scientists presume there are salt water streams found under a crust of dust due to seasonal changes in the landscape, but the water wouldn’t be very accessible and very salty.

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