Friends by Alexandra

Best friends are irreplaceable and priceless. Take my best friends, for example, they’re amazing! They’re always there, they love, guide and care and they are always that shoulder to cry on wfriendshen you need it. A person can have loads of friends, but it’s hard to find those special friends that can really make a massive difference in your life.

I have quite a few friends, but only a handful of special ones. You make many friends from different clubs. For example, I have made many friends from clubs such as, football, hockey, netball and volleyball, amongst others. Friends are just as important as family, and that’s why I value all my friends!

So, a big thanks(!!!) to all of my friends, for always being there, and a special thanks to all the amazing teachers in this school, 3K (obviously!) and any other “K” form in the school because everyone knows “K” is better than any other form.

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