Hockey by Harnisha

Field hockey is a team sport that you play on astroturf. The aim of the game is to score as many goals by hitting a ball with a stick into the back of the goal guarded by a heavily kitted goalkeeper. Hockey at under 12 level is played 7 a side with half a pitch, then when you reach thirteen and over you plahockeyy 11 a side with the full pitch.

You use a stick to play hockey, it is a long l shape and is slightly fatter on one side so you know to hit the ball with the thinner side. As a consequence, hitting the ball with the wrong side of the stick makes it a foul.

There is no official weight of a hockey ball but in organised leagues, the universal ball is made of an approved plastic with a diameter of 6.6 cm to 7 cm, usually orange in colour.

Like most sports hockey has set positions. There is a goalie who defends the goal, outfield defence who defend the goal also usually inside the D. Also there is outfield mid who defend and attack and outfield attack who cross and shoot goals.

The latest adjustment to the sport was just over 3 years ago when the offside rule was abolished. Hockey is a great team sport that is very skilfull which makes it interesting to watch. For Astroturf you have to wear astro turf boots or trainers otherwise you will trip and fall a lot.

Some of the rules include that you have to take the ball from the 16 when the opposition hits it out of your baseline. You also take corners from the given mark if your own team hits it out on the baseline. There are long and short corners. Hockey is just a really fun sport played in big tournaments such as Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.

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