More Women’s World Cup by Carola

Here is some more information about the Women’s World Cup because it deserves an update:

Today, as in right now, there are only four teams left competing for the title: England, Japan, USA and Germany. Germany is playing the USA later today, going into tomorrow. Germany is the team ranked first iwomens world cupn the world;  have won the world cup twice previously and are the top scorers of the tournament, but if you watch their performance against France a few days ago you see that they weren’t playing very well. As USA is ranked second in the world it is still sure to be a very close and exciting match.

England will be battling it out against the defending champions (Japan) on Wednesday. England’s captain, Steph Houghton, has said this match is going to be the biggest game in English history. I think this is probably true, for the women at least, which doesn’t really encourage the idea of itbeing a great team but they do have a considerable chance. Not to be discouraging, but my favourite is definitely Germany.

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