Summer is finally here! By Sanika

Don’t worry Britain, it looks like summer has finally come to our cold, wet country! Usually we are used to the rain but this week it really looks like there is hope for our flowers that are waiting for the sunshine to help them bloom. Let’s take today, Tuesday 30th of June (the last dabright-suny of June!) as an example for the great weather; BBC Weather says that there was an average temperature of 27°C! Actually here’s exactly what was written on the BBC website about today’s weather, ‘Any early cloud will soon lift through the morning to leave a fine day with near unbroken sunshine for most areas. Feeling very warm or hot in the strong sun.’ So go kick a football or something, it’s not going to stay sunny forever!

However, there is one downside to all this sun. So always remember to take your water bottles to school and constantly refill it at the new water dispensers or else we will all be at Matron’s before lunchtime! Also don’t spend all your time indoors, make the most of the dry grass and go play on the field with your friends (but try not to get sun-burned!).

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