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Many farm animals, including chickens, are under medication and antibiotics just to stay alive. And some of these animals don’t even need antibiotics, and sometimes the full course is not completed either. Because of this, the viruses build up resistance against these antibiotics and consequently this could be disastrous if these viruses sprechickensad onto the human race. IT COULD SPELL THE END – SO PLEASE DONATE AND SUPPORT CHARITIES LIKE COMPASSION IN WORLD FARMING TO HELP PREVENT THIS. PLEASE. BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

More on battery chickens

In my previous post on battery chickens I was unable to go into much detail so here is a bit more information.

Battery chickens are cramped in cages on shelves as I said before, and these cramped conditions can result in extreme behaviour in the chickens such a s cannibalism and feather pecking, so to prevent this the chickens are often de-beaked which is a very painful and miserable process for the chickens. What about the male chickens? They are slaughtered at a young age and sent off for falcon food.

The statistics:

  • 27 factory farmed broiler chickens are killed every second in the UK alone, whereas roughly one human per minute dies in the UK as well.

  • My pet chicken cost £17.50. An organic chicken from my local butcher costs £18. By comparison, it is possible to buy two whole frozen broiler chickens from tesco for less than £5.

  • in the first few months of a broiler chicken’s life, about 10,000 chicks are expected to die due to the horrendous conditions.

But chickens aren’t the only factory farmed animals. By supporting charities like compassion in world farming, you can help end factory farming for the better. If you want advice about what to eat and more about factory farming, I can recommend these two books to you: Food Rules and The Omnivore’s Dilemma, both by Michael Pollan. Here is a link to the website of compassion in world farming – please check it out:

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