Being angry by Lauren

I’m sure you’ve all experienced being angry, it happens to everyone at some point.  You can get angry about a range of things, some just silly things that you get worked up about and sometimes something or someone has really annoyed you to make you angry.

Often, when you get angry, you will get reangrymanally worked up about something relatively small.  If you get really angry about something small, and end up getting in lots of trouble, you will probably be too angry at that stage to think straight and will end up saying or doing something you probably shouldn’t. The situation will get worse and worse. The outcome is almost always negative. Later, when you look back, you will wonder how something so small got so big.

Its best if you stop it before it really gets out of control. There are many symptoms of being angry and once you can recognise your own personal symptoms, you can stop yourself getting really worked up. Here are some common symptoms: sweaty, hot palms, your voice breaking, shouting suddenly, feeling ‘warm’ and hating on everything and everyone. When you feel these symptoms, here are the ten top tips to follow.

  1. BREATH!! Breathing is important, it keeps you alive. Take, slow breaths to calm yourself down.
  2. Make a list of pros and cons. Look at a situation evenly, not biasedly, but calmly and fairly is a really important part of calming yourself down. A list of pros and cons is a good way to do this.
  3. Look at the situation positively.
  4. Take time out. Calm down and relax. Take some time by yourself to calm down, read a book for example. That way you can’t annoy anyone and they can’t annoy you.
  5. People in movies do it to calm down- why shouldn’t you?

A survey by the BBC last year showed that 92% of people get angry about stupid things. Here are five of the top ones people get annoyed about.

  1. Annoying siblings
  2. People not doing things for them.
  3. People stealing food from the fridge of which you wanted to eat.
  4. Someone taking your seat.

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But I bet it rings bells in your head!

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