Pupils Opinions of Schools by Aaisha

School can be a great place for some students but some find it boring or not very interesting. When we hear about schools you here one of two things: that the school is outstanding and a great place to learn or that the school is average and will make sure that children do not decrease in their grades but this is to please parents and not what we all really want to know. Some people want to know about homework and lessons whereas some people want to know aboutschool extracurricular activities. I have to admit that some schools do show these subjects at welcome evenings or welcoming ceremonies which is helpful!

There are positives and negatives about schools. One of the positives is the trips; to be away from situations at home. Another positive is the new friends that you meet and after getting to know them, you realise that you have things in common which is great! A few negatives are the following; not everyone has a friend and you may also be prone to bullying.

Not everything at school is easy or always enjoyable but there are lots of great opportunities and also everyone can have their own opinion and share it freely in class.


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